I have wanted to make these bags for a long time, and as all 3 of my children were in summer camp this week, I decided to dedicate the first free week I have had on my own in 10 years to making them and hopefully some other items (like the pjs I promised my oldest son “guy” in the spring). Please excuse the bad pic, I like to take pictures of my bags hanging from my trees in the garden, but with all this rain I don’t know when I will get out there again.

I mentioned this pattern in my previous entry. The pattern is available from here for free for personal use, or you can purchase a license which allows you to sell any that you make using the pattern, as long as you credit the designer.

This is my first attempt, and I’m about 80% happy with it. It’s made with a free fat quarter that pink panda fabrics sent me with an order, the fabric is from the Pop Garden collection by Heather Bailey.

Things I would change for the next one are:

  1. Read the pattern more thoroughly, so that the seam allowances on the lining are the same as the bag (the lining on this one is a bit bigger than the bag!).
  2. Use medium instead of heavyweight interfacing. The instructions on the original pattern say to use heavyweight, but I find that it’s a bit “crunchy” and the pleats don’t hang as well as I would like them too).
  3. Use interfacing on the strap, so that it’s a bit more substantial. I really knew that I should have done this as I was sewing it, but I sometimes just carry on regardless!