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When I first saw the mini-me challenge, I was thinking of making something for my daughter and I, but then I thought that she would love to have new clothes for her 18-inch doll. I made the doll skirt first, and then found a girl’s skirt to match.

KCWC Spring 2014_2

For the doll, I was inspired by this tutorial for a skirt for an 18″ doll, which had been on my list of things to make for Christmas, but didn’t quite get round to it. This is really easy and quick project, so I can’t believe I didn’t make it before, as they can be made in less than an hour.

KCWC Spring 2014_1

For my daughter, I wanted to make this circle skirt but I didn’t have any elastic in my supplies, and I was feeling a bit maths challenged too lazy to work out the dimensions. After a little searching online, came across a pattern for a wrap-around skirt, where some other lovely person had already done all the sizing for me, thank you Dixi!

I adjusted the pattern to fit my daughter who has the body of a baby giraffe: she’s 8, has the waist of a 6 year-old, but the legs of a 10-year-old (but doesn’t have an especially long neck thank goodness). I still found the fit a little on the large size, but this was easily remedied by moving the ties about an inch.

I didn’t add the pockets but I will do with the next one, and I may make it a little shorter.

She’s delighted that they match, and that because both skirts are reversible, they can match more than one way!

No, I’m not talking about the musical, but about my coming out of hibernation and starting to sew again. ┬áKids Clothing Week Challenge was just what I needed to get me motivated, and I eased into Day One with 3 little bibs for a friend of mine who has just had a baby girl.



He’s a sushi lover, so I had to throw in a little sushi number just for him.

I used a pdf pattern from a pinterest search for bibs. The pattern and instructions are really clear and easy to follow.