On Saturday I had the great pleasure of meeting Lizzy House, and taking a class with her at The Workroom in Toronto. I (mostly) love my life in the suburbs, but I always get excited about a daytrip to Toronto. My friend and I arrived early, so we took a stroll along Queen St, soaking up the early saturday morning vibe, before joining our classmates for the Champion Ribbons class.

Since I know Lizzy loves cake, I baked one to bring to share with the class. Inspired by the Arabian Nights of Lizzy’s latest fabric collection, I wanted to make a cake recalling the Spice Route of the Orient, so I turned to my go-to recipe blog, Smitten Kitchen, and found this. (As a side note to all the Lizzy excitement, I want to note that I absolutely love the recipes at Smitten Kitchen. Deb has figured out all the potential problems with each recipe, such as that this partcular cake can be tricky to turn out if you don’t use sufficient butter/flour in preparing the cake pan. If you follow her instructions carefully, you can be guaranteed success!)

I felt that this particular celebration cake required a little decoration, so I made some miniature bunting, from tiny pieces of all the Lizzy House fabrics I own. I struggled with cutting some of the new ones, as they have only been in my possession for a little while, and I generally have to hoard them for a bit before letting the scissors at them, but it was for a good cause after all!

gingerbread cake for lizzy house

The cake was a success, and after 3 short sweet hours at the Workroom, we had these to show.

champion ribbons

Thanks again to Karyn for bringing Lizzy to Canada, I hope there will a repeat of the classes in the future, and hopefully they won’t clash with family commitments so I can stay longer.