No, this post has nothing to do with Charles Darwin, it’s about my booth for the OOAK show. Here’s a picture of how I imagined my booth would look when I sent in my application last summer:

I’m in the Rising Stars section, where you pay per square foot for your exhibition space, I have a tiny 3’x4′ space to work with, and I thought my painted blue stepladder would look really cute. I had the idea that my dresses would hang on poles along both sides, and my hair bands and bandanas would look delightful arranged on the steps. That was before I went to the Christmas OOAK with exhibitor eyes.

When I looked at other people’s displays, I soon realized that my (cute) ladder was way too small, and would not stand out as much as I thought it would and I was afraid my booth would get overlooked. There was only enough room to hang about 10 dresses each side, and I had no idea where I would put the 8 lights I needed to show off my product.

I’ll reveal what I came up with soon, but it’s still under wraps right now!