I find it difficult to motivate myself sometimes, which I think is the bane of most people who work for themselves. Whether it is another interesting blog to read, or keeping Ironman’s Webkinz alive, I can always find other more important things to do than get on with my real work, leaving me to panic at the last minute, and wish I had started earlier. This is really frustrating to me, because getting into OOAK is a fantastic opportunity to have my work reach a larger audience, but I’m going to blow it if I can’t summon up the drive to be more productive.

This is why today I have created my own motivational phrase, “What Would Sarah Do?” Based upon a popular motto during the 1990s and which an old friend altered to “What Would Keith Do?”, I will be using Sarah Richardson as my motivator. I don’t know her personally, but admire her style and drive, so whenever I need a kick up the butt in the next couple of months, I will be saying this phrase to myself.