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Am I kidding myself that I work better under pressure, or is it just a habit that I’ve got into?!

Here’s my (sewing) to do list for the week, it doesn’t even take into account all the last minute stuff I want to get done before the kids finish school on Friday.

Make 3 children’s aprons
Make 1 adult pair of flannel PJs
Make 1 boy’s pair of flannel PJs
2 girl’s name banners
1 crayon roll holder (it was made but not to my satisfaction, so needs redoing)

And now I’ve entered this competition from the talented Lizzy House, you could too! There are great prizes to be won, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on Lizzy’s blog, download a template for a Peep Mini Boot, make a boot or two, show it off in the Mini Peep Boot Contest Flickr Group. Contest is open until the 20th.

One of our favourite Christmas traditions is actually something that my children’s school arranges. It’s called the “Snowflake Shop”. Early in December the children bring home forms for up to 6 gifts, and gift tags to colour in. We send the completed form, gift tags and money (each gift costs a massive $1.50!) back to school with them and then the kids shop for Christmas gifts for our family. The gifts are wrapped at school, so we have no idea what we will be receiving from them on Christmas Day.

I absolutely love this tradition, the children are so excited to choose their gifts without any help from us, and I’m always surprised at the choices they make; they know us better than we know ourselves! The shop is run by a group of volunteer parents, so this post is dedicated to them to say thanks. Here are the presents the kids brought home yesterday, under their own special tree. I can’t wait for Christmas Day!

I still have these from the first Snowflake Shop my (now) 12-year old gave me when he was in Kindergarten!