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Finished these 2 yesterday, so they count in the pillow week challenge.

Really love these two, which are in my hallway, on my thrifted bench:

“High on a Hill sits a lonely goatherd!”

Finally made one, didn’t get to make as many as I’d planned last night, all the painting that I’ve been doing over the last week caught up with me and I crashed at 9:15.

This one is for Ironman’s bedroom, it definitely goes with the all new purple and pink bedroom, but she thinks it’s the princess and the penguin, not the pea.

I have some of this which I think is crying out to be made into cushion covers, perhaps I can squeeze in a couple tonight while watching Grey’s?

Erin from house on hill road has thrown down the gauntlet in the form of a pillow challenge. Not satisfied with preparing for Boy’s birthday next week, and painting Iron Man’s bedroom, I have decided to join in. Here is a pile of fabrics I’ve pulled out of my stash. I hope they will become pillows by the end of the week. They will be going in Iron Man’s bedroom, which is now a delightful purple and pink (Ironman is my youngest, a girl, not that there’s anything wrong with purple and pink for a boy’s room, just that in this case the pillows are for a princess, hence the need for some Heather Ross Princess and the Pea).

The idea is that pillows are pretty quick items to make, and so you can whip up quite a few in a week (well, you could if you weren’t starting 3 days into the challenge!). I have been following Erin’s blog for several years, in fact it was through reading her blog that I became inspired to start my own business, and then my own blog.

She has some extremely helpful tutorials posted, including some for pillows. Here’s a link to the start of the challenge, care to join me?

Here’s the invitation, now to work on decorations, party favors etc.

sleepover invitation1 incognito

The moustaches over my address, phone number etc are a free edit from picnik, love a fun way to make something incognito.

My middle child, “guy” has requested a sleepover for his birthday party. Up until now I have managed to avoid having sleepovers, due to the fact that I need my sleep every night or I turn into a banshee (seriously, I might not look like one in the mornings, but the screaming is really scary). 2 years ago when he asked for one I said not until he was eight, (I know, I should have said 80) now that day is only 19 days away. I like to theme my their parties, so right now I’m stuck between these 3.

I’ll let you know.