Haven’t posted for a while, what with it being summer and all, but mainly because I’ve been working on my application for the OOAK craft show for Spring 2011 (hope I don’t jinx it by mentioning it here!)
The application for this craft show is extremely important, as are the photos. You only have one chance to impress the judges, but with the following photos, from an extremely talented local photographer, I think I have a chance.

The photos are by Rebecca Lozer, check out her website and blog.

We spent a fun evening in my garden, and now I see the place in a completely different light.
IMG_5280 (2808 x 1872)

IMG_5206 (2808 x 1872)

IMG_5187 (2808 x 1872)

IMG_5150 (2808 x 1872)

I adore what she did with my dresses, but even my garden shed looks amazing!

IMG_5345 (2808 x 1872)