bot camp multi

I’m taking the next 10 days off to disappear into a tent here. We stayed there in 2008, for one night, 2 weeks before moving into the house we live in now. By the time we had erected our tent and got the beds ready, it was getting late, so we went into the nearest village for pizza. While we were there a tremendous storm blew in; we watched a fantastic lightning show from the deck of the village store/pizza joint/movie store before returning to a very soggy tent. It had leaked all over the boys beds, so we did the best we could for the night (i.e. giving them mine and my husband’s MEC sleeping bags while we hunkered down under various blankets.)
The next morning I surveyed the site, which looked like it hadn’t seen sun for weeks, and was not going to get much this week, and said to my husband “I can’t do this”. We packed up and went home, with my husband’s only comment; “that was a very expensive pizza”.