I am a lover of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, and would like my house to adhere to his philosophy: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”.

I have made a start with my front door and sidelight, which really needed some kind of window covering, but I could not get around to installing sheers….I tried once and actually cut the fabric incorrectly, which is not a great advertisement for someone who makes clothing to sell…but I think it was more Freudian than that!

Inspired by this wonderful notebook, my good friend and fellow Milton Artisan Lena made and installed this for me:


This image lights up my day when I come downstairs every morning, because it is even more beautiful than I envisioned when we discussed installing it. Light shines through the window and casts shadows of gingkos all over the pillars in my dining room. Now I just have to get rid of everything else that is not beautiful or useful (which is a little tricky with 3 kids who have a love of all things plastic!)

The notebook was made by Maya, who has kindly given me permission to blog about the inspiration behind my window. Thanks so much Maya, and please let me know when you have more of those notebooks in your etsy store, they went too quickly last time.