Ironman turned 4 back in January, and we had a woodland fairy birthday party for her.  She is all about fairies, glitter and other sparkly things, but we had as many boys coming as girls, and I didn’t think they would all want to be dressed up in pink wings and flowery crowns, so the woodland theme allowed for bugs as well as fairies!

I scored some bug wings left over from halloween at our local dollar store, and made antennae from hairbands and styrofoam balls.  The girls wore flowery crowns and butterfly/fairy wings.


We spent the week leading up to her party making decorations and party favours.  For party favours, Ironman and I made fairy playdough, thanks to this recipe. In fact, a lot of the inspiration for our party came from this wonderful blog, including the toadstools.
We also made coffee filter flowers and butterflies, which I used to decorate the table and the light fixture, these are really easy to make, although I ended up doing most of the flower assembly, as Ironman lost interest early and went off to do some colouring!


More to come later, we still need party food and games!