Finally finished and shipped out all my custom orders. Not that this means I have finished sewing, because I still have the requisite PJs I make for the kids every year for Christmas, and a long list of other bits and bobs that I WANT to make, but probably won’t have time to.

In addition to all those, I discovered this tree yesterday via One Pretty Thing.

plastic bag tree

I’m reading the instructions, which call for plastic bag yarn, and I think, now how come I don’t know about plastic bag yarn? So a quick google search, and I found this tutorial. I try really hard to remember to bring my own bags when I go grocery shopping, but I’m not perfect (who knew?) so at least now I can appease my environmental conscience when I forget by knowing I can reuse the plastic bags for something other than putting out the garbage in!

I know it’s a bit early for new years resolutions, but I have decided on mine. It’s to start making Christmas crafts in January and February so that I actually have time to make all the ones I would like to.