Here is the front of the quilt, all pieced and stitched together. I am really trying to get the quilt sandwiched together and bound today, but I have a feeling that’s not going to happen! With 1 sick child, and fighting a sore throat myself, I’m beginning to think it would be best for me to package up what I have achieved so far and send it off, as the kind ladies of Margaret’s Hope Chest have offered to finish off the quilts for us.


I’m just a little reluctant to do that because I was so looking forward to seeing how it looked all put together. I wasn’t sure if the fabrics I had chosen would be acceptable to a 10/11 year-old , but when I showed it to Guy who turns 11 soon, he thought it was for him and was really disappointed it wasn’t, so I guess it is ‘cool’ after all.

We’ll see where I get to by the end of today, as I can’t mail it until tomorrow anyway.