Not content with 2 upcoming craft shows, and my own open house this weekend, I decided to add more to my plate, but I think it will be worth it.

I have been following the amazing work done by Craft Hope for a while, but after reading their latest call for help, I couldn’t resist. This time around they have partnered with Margaret’s Hope Chest to provide a quilt for each child in the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Public School system who is homeless during the Christmas season. The exact number will not be clear until November but considering the economic climate in Michigan it will more than likely be high (200+).

They are short of quilts for boys, especially older boys, so I am making mine with my two sons in mind, thankful for all the blessings that they and I have this winter.

Here are the fabrics I have chosen, the deadline is November 15th, so I’d better get cracking!

I find it unfathomable that with the wealth that we have in North America, even in times of recession, children the age of Guy and Boy are homeless.