I have been following the blog of Michelle Engel Bencsko since about March of this year, when I discovered Cicada Studios and some of her amazing fabrics.  At that time she was blogging about her up and coming line of organic fabrics, called appropriately Cloud9, because that’s where you go when you see them, and I have been following her progress with this collection all through the summer.   Both the 100% cotton that she prints on, and the inks she uses are environmentally friendly (you can read more about that here). 


I am a little envious of  her, and other fabric designers like her, because 12 years ago when I started to study fabric design and printing at OCAD, I was bothered by the use of toxic inks in the printing process, but back then there really wasn’t much available in the way of environmentally friendly inks, and organic fabrics tended to resemble burlap, which didn’t make printing on them very easy!   Part of me is ready to set up my own screen printing studio in the basement and get on down to turning out yardage of my own, but it’s way easier  (and less messy) with 3 kids to just buy the fabric that others are printing. 

The fabric finally hit the stores last week, and my order arrived on Friday.  The fabric is even more beautiful in real life, and so very soft, it’s absolutely perfect for baby items.

I showed pictures of it to my friend, and she ordered a cushion to be made immediately.  Here it is, and there’s another one available in my etsy store. 


I hope it gets snapped up quickly, because I adore this fabric, and want to buy more!  Next project, a baby quilt using pieces of the entire collection.