Angela at Raggedy Owl spent a weekend sewing in Vermont with two fabulous fabric designers, Heather Ross and Denyse Schmidt. To celebrate she is giving away a Heather Ross autograph along with a thirty piece, 5-inch square charm pack from her own collection. Her collection includes all those Heather Ross fabrics that are so difficult to get hold of now because they are out of print/rare and highly priced so I’m hoping to score some. Head on over to see how you can win (or perhaps I should have kept this a secret!)

trueupheader-600Over at TrueUp you have a chance to win more divine fabric.  I am a huge fan of Michelle Bencsko’s designs and she has 2 collections just hitting the stores.  The colours and patterns of  Shade Garden are delightful, and My Happy Garden is the debut line for her new organic fabric manufacturing company, Cloud 9 Fabrics.  Back when I was at the OCAD, studying surface design, I loved fabric printing, but baulked at how toxic the printing inks were (and we just washed them down the drain!)  At that time there were no earth friendly alternatives, so I am so excited that Michelle and her partner have produced this beautiful collection.  I have plans to make baby quilts with it, as soon as I can get my hands on some.)  Good luck with your entries.