Reason 1.  The boys are off to school this morning, and were positively leaping out of bed to get ready.  This makes such a change from last year, when we endured several months of tears every morning from Boy, which was absolutely heartbreaking.  Thanks to 2 special teachers last year, who must have made him feel incredibly happy and safe at school.

Well, I only managed 2 of the things on our remaining list of things to do, but IronMan was sick this weekend.  While she was sleeping, and during the mountains of laundry I had to get done before today (so that Guy and Boy had their choice of natty outfits to wear to school), I managed to make these 3 stuffed pumpkins, and listed them in my store this morning .  That’s reason #2!



Ironman has requested a dress for the fall, and I have tons of the orange floral, so it’s off to the sewing room with me today.  (Reason #3).

Final reason (for today anyway), is that Guy is off to his 2nd year in the gifted class, and I want to celebrate how lucky we are in this part of Ontario, to have access to special education for gifted children.  This opportunity would not be so easily available if he went to school in the UK where I come from, and since joining this class last year he has experienced and learnt so much, that he was excited to be going to school again this morning.  Have a good day all of you whose children are off to school today, and enjoy those little ones who are still with you if you are at home with them.  Ironman starts nursery school on Friday, and I don’t know where the last 3 years have gone.  Treasure those moments with them, they go by in the blink of an eye.