I’m feeling torn between spending  time with my children, who start back at school in a week, and with getting going on a huge list of crafts that I want to start.  I haven’t touched my sewing machine for over 2 weeks and I really want to start something now, but I also want to relish this last week, and pack in some of the things we planned in June but haven’t got around to yet.  Here’s the list: 

milkshakes at Troy’s Diner  (did that this morning, I recommend the “Chunky Monkey”)


swim at Rotary Park
go to the zoo
craft day part 2
Ontario Place
Centre Island

Besides this, I’m experiencing that feeling I always get around this time of year, of wanting to get some order back into our lives and organize my house (and my head!)…..hmmm, I feel a trip to IKEA beckoning (perhaps I can add breakfast at IKEA to the list!)

I signed up for the Seasons Round Exchange, and besides 1 thing I made on a trip to St Marie Among the Hurons, I have still to assemble the rest of my items and mail them out (and my partner has already mailed her items to me, to add to the pressure!)   I have lots of ideas, but none have actually come to fruition yet, but here’s something I’m going to be using for one of them):